Your first introduction to new subscribers matters — for now, but especially for building long-term relationships.

When you relate with new subscribers through providing valuable, well-organized and intentional content — as well as a personable, genuine connection — you’re developing raving fans. The kind who can’t wait to hear from you again and again.

This has a benefit for long-term business growth, simply by communicating well from the start.


We hope you’ll let us join you on your journey!

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What They Say...

I’ve written a newsletter on and off for a couple of years, but never been entirely happy with it. Maeri’s highly practical course has helped me think about exactly who my newsletter is for, how often I’m going to send it out, and taken me through the process of compiling and writing it in a very supportive yet ‘just get on and do it’ way. I can’t thank you enough for the very productive, clear workshops and individual feedback in between. Altogether a very enjoyable, productive, sociable course that has given me a great newsletter and a desire to write more.

Rachel Hutchinson,   Patch Memories

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