To me, September is the new January. I refocus, double down and shed stuff that weighs heavy on me. I review what is working, figure out where I want to be and get on with it. I get inspired by those around me who are doing the same and look to find inspiration on how they are doing it.

And just so you don’t think I am just talking the talk, I walk the walk:

I decided to get end my first marriage in September.

I took redundancy from my last “real” job in September.

I started the Studio in September.

My new husband and I agreed to try for a child together during a discussion which we had in….September.  Addison was born the following….September.

Do you feel that pull too?  That pull that tells you life isn’t getting any longer so get on with doing what makes you happy?

Think you can’t possibly do it?

Read this story about the 48 year old woman who got an internship at the Spectator. If there is one story out there that will tell you…no, it will SHOW YOU because it is a real woman doing it right now!… that you can change and do something more in your life, this is the one.

So, come on. What would you do, RIGHT NOW, if you could?



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