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Your first introduction to new subscribers matters.  

A lot.

Not just for the here and now. 

But especially for building relationships.

When you connect with subscribers through valuable, relatable, well organised and intentional content – they will want to hear from you and listen to what you have to say. 

This has a benefit for long term business growth, simply by communicating well from the start.

Email marketing done well is a benefit that converts into revenue. 

It’s not just our experience that knows this, the statistics do too.

Hi, I’m Maeri.

I’m an email marketing strategist who works with companies and individuals to help them connect authentically with their most engaging audience. 

I started in marketing, became an entrepreneur and now use my experience to help others create email marketing success.

I have seen first hand, both in my own business and working for others, that a well delivered email marketing strategy can transform the connection between customers and your company.

I help you clarify your message, create a flow around the sequence content you send to subscribers and align your business goals with what we are asking your readers to do.


can we help you grow?

You know that you should make the time to understand email marketing because you know it is important. But you are busy

Way too busy.

The longer you wait, the more you feel like you are missing an opportunity to meet people who will value what you offer.

Maybe you just need a hand getting there?


but don’t take my word for it

Check out what some of the industry leading research companies have to say about the power of well thought out email marketing campaigns:

18x More Revenue

Relevant emails drive more

revenue than one-time only emails.
(Juniper Research)

47% Larger Purchases

Nurtured leads make substantially larger
purchases than non-nurtured emails.

152% Higher Click Rates

Automated emails get 152% higher

click rates than one-off emails.


Maeri made a concept that is often intimidating…(email marketing) approachable and simple…. we would be thrilled to work with her again in the future.

Adrianne Stone, Ph.D

Product Scientist, 23andMe

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