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Hi, I’m Maeri.

I’m an email marketing strategist who helps online business owners connect authentically with their audience through engaging {read: effective} welcome and nurture sequences.

I take email marketing strategy off your plate: allowing you to use your precious brain space & magic superpowers more effectively.

I’ve got a whole process for learning more about your audience, creating an email marketing strategy that makes sense for your business and that moves people to action.

They don’t know what resources you have or why buying your product or service will help them. We need to lead them to the water, like the helpful and generous person you are.

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If you have any questions – any at all! – the best way to get in contact is to fill in the form below. I will reply as soon as I am able as I appreciate the time you have taken to send me a question

What They Say

With a sudden influx of people offering business mentoring and learning opportunities, I believe the maker has to look to those with proven experience and knowledge to share if they really want to learn. Maeri gets the business of being a small business, and is one of those people I often have YES! conversations with. The craft industry could do with more Maeris’.

Lyndsey James, Founder of Photocraft

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