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I love hearing from you… I am a middle child and speaking to people is one of the attributes middle children get very good at! I am more than happy to answer any questions about me, the Creative Business Academy or even about my other business, The Make and Do Studio. So don’t be shy… fill out your details below and I’ll be back to you super quick.

Because middle children also are prone to being super quick.

If you don’t want to email me directly but want some help, our Creative Business Academy Facebook page is where other creative business owners talk about what their problems are and help each other. Why not post there  – even if just to say hello! – and see if they can help?

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If you have any questions – any at all! – the best way to get in contact is to fill in the form below. I will reply as soon as I am able as I appreciate the time you have taken to send me a question

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With a sudden influx of people offering business mentoring and learning opportunities, I believe the maker has to look to those with proven experience and knowledge to share if they really want to learn. Maeri gets the business of being a small business, and is one of those people I often have YES! conversations with. The craft industry could do with more Maeris’.

Lyndsey James, Founder of Photocraft


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